Write a letter to passport office

I got the passport in a week with post verification status. When the police constable reached my place for PV, i was out of station and asked him to come back in next week. During the next visit, he was bit arrogant and just shouting that you should present at the address whenever we come for verification and he is not willing to accept my response for abscence. Then he started saying "As you applied for passport, i came here for PV".

Write a letter to passport office

The Show Cause letter says that my sister in law who previously started a false A case against our family,has complaint to passport office that a case had been registered against my brother.

After receiving this letter I went to the passport office they told me that my sister in law lodged a complain to cancel my brother's passport. I saw the complain, it was with the FIR copy and some Bail papers which shows my brothers anticipatory bails condition which is he can't leave India without the permission of High Court.

And a hand written complain from her subjecting that cancelling my brother's passport. Now m telling the current situation of this case.

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All were released on bail and the matter is being contested in Court. My brother was not arrested by police and he was never convicted in any case. So, what should be our reply to the Show Cause letter.

Please please tell me.

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Yes, the passport authority can act under the quoted provisions of the Passport Act, You must hand over the passport to the passport authorities likewise without any further delay, because of right now the notice is for impounding means taking into custody till such time the court case is over otherwise the authorities upon you failing to do so may intimate the police to seize the passport from you and later the authorities may take further action and decide to cancel the passport as well for the reasons of your disobedience and resistance to their notice to surrender the passport.

The passport authorities have been informed by the aggrieved person and they have now known that the a criminal proceedings are pending in the court against the passport at holder and further learn that the court while granting bail have restricted him to leave India without its prior permission and so on such ground s.

If there is any delay in surrendering the passport, produce the passport to them at the earliest with a letter for condoning the delay. If you do so, you need not reply to the show cause notice, unless you want to challenge it, but that will be in vain if you do so.Sample Business Letter View our Sample Business Letter to determine how to write your own business letter.

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One of the best ways to submit proof of travel plans and expedite your U.S. passport is by presenting a company letter (i.e., business letter). I have applied for passport on 15th June and even on making regular visits to the passport office and submitting the issuing request again and again i am not able to get the passport 3/5().

write a letter to passport office

Sep 03,  · Within 9 to 10 days after the adverse report submission, you will receive a letter at your address, stating you to show up at regional passport office within 30 days. What to write in a Show Cause letter from Passport Office Criminal» Posted 23 Mar It is regarding my elder brother.

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The Show Cause letter says that my sister in law who previously started a false A case against our family,has complaint to passport office that a case had been registered against my brother.

In order to have someone other than yourself register your documents at Her Majesty's Passport Office and collect your new passport when you are unable to, a letter of authorisation is required.

You may write a letter to Officer In charge of police station with copy to SP of area and Passport Office stating that there was some confusion to the police personnel, .

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