Wk3 service request sr rm 022 part 2

The directory for each calendar quarter is based on information submitted to the IRS during that quarter.

Wk3 service request sr rm 022 part 2

One of the most important aspects in order to build a working application is through using the system development life cycle phases, and understanding how it all comes together.

In this document you will find a table in which I created depicting the overall application architecture and process design for the manufacturing company Riordan.

For this type of system I would use, requires high level of portability, for this I would thin client server architecture, reason being the ease of writing HTML5 standards. This type of system can then conduct transactions through the Internet in which every employee can access through their desktop with seamless integration of the newly updated human resource system, using their previous application with new enhancements.

For this simple reason I have chosen for the manufacturing company Riordan company use thin client server based architecture.

To match this type of system requirements, Riordan manufacturing would have to update their hardware of the pre existing systems, to handle the payload it would incur, from the amount of personnel systems, forms, uploading, downloading and internal documents.

Using a thin client server based architecture would also allow better integration for new and up to date hardware in which this type server requires for stability, response time, availability, and reliability.

The thin client server architecture Service Request SR-rm Part 2 3 relies on the operating system being used, for that reason I have chosen Windows 8 from Microsoft as the operating system of choice, because of its versatility.

Along with the new hardware, workstations and software upgrades, I would also implement barcode scanners and readers for receiving, production, shipping and printers that are current and up to date with the new system requirements. High Level Security Controls By using a thin client server architecture to house all software applications in one single location, will decrease the chances of having security braches on mainframe operating systems.

I would also incorporate techniques such as advanced user authentication using common access controls card for every employee, and enhanced encryption controls. Incorporating these types of security measures along with the advanced architecture of the system will allow this system to be virtually impervious to virus, and malware issues.

Most cases of security breaches occur from within the department, which is why training for the employees who work in the human resources department would have to conduct annual training requirements to keep system access. Upgrades being made will only streamline their production and control method already in place; the new barcode system will help aid the company by enhancing their current inventory controls and manufacturing process.

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Curitiba, Brazil; Sao Carlo, Brazil; Pittsburgh, United States; Logrono, Spain; Swansea, United Kingdom.

Wk3 service request sr rm 022 part 2

SERVICE REQUEST SR-RM PART 2 1 [Please review the sample paper in the Tutorials & Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence for title page and header formatting guidelines.] Service Request SR-RM Part 2 Shawandra McClendon July 7, BSA/ Kathleen Healy-Collier. Note the question mark at the end of that headline.

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Individual: Service Request SR-rm, Part 3 Selesa Iosia-Poulava BSA/ November 16, Joseph Langon Service Request SR-rm, Part 3 This paper is to illustrate the changeover process of Part 2’s focus “the Design or the Architecture Phase” to the Implementation Stage.

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