The way to get the most

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The way to get the most

The way to get the most

When employees understand the business goals, they can make their own decisions and not wait for someone to tell them what to do. When employees are listened to, they feel valued and empowered. They have greater ownership and commitment to actions that they themselves have identified as necessary.

As one manager in our study noted: When you coach people rather than command people, you almost always win their hearts and minds, so loyalty, trust and confidence are built. Our research shows manager coaching led to improvements in productivity, engagement and customer service.

Coaching also transformed some underachievers into star performers. Coaching had helped the employee to identify solutions, by providing advice and expertise when needed. Coaching in practice Coaching is a conversation between two or more people to find a way forward together.

The participants reflect on the current situation, agree on a goal, and identify options and actions for moving toward the goal. In practice there are four things mangers should do during coaching: Genuinely listen to their employees, allowing time to think out loud and come up with their own ideas.

Ask questions that help employees develop their thinking.

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If an employee identifies a problem the manager can ask what solutions they can think of. Work with employees to set goals.

The way to get the most

Create an energising dialogue to make this task more than ticking boxes. Give constructive feedback to help employees align with organisational goals and develop professionally. Six effective ways to have that difficult conversation at work The majority of the general managers and human resource managers who participated in our research coached their employees at least once a week.

Organisations in our study used quarterly coaching sessions to set employee expectations, monthly sessions to review progress, and weekly sessions with new employees or employees in new roles.

Informal coaching happens whenever opportunities arise — for example, discussing an incident the manager has observed and identifying alternative approaches. The employee can take ownership of the situation by choosing what alternative to implement. Of course, implementing manager coaching is easier said than done.

Most training in coaching does not address the complexities of the manager as coach. For example, what should a manager do if an employee tells them something in confidence that they would not normally tell a manager? The best way to deal with this is by being honest and upfront about what can and cannot be kept confidential.

This frees up managers to spend more time thinking strategically. Managers in our study spent more time with new employees or employees in new roles than with employees who were already comfortable in their roles.

They also recommended choosing the right time to coach — for example, not starting a session in the middle of a crisis.Watch video · In other words, most of us work barely 22 minutes a day for ourselves." The key to upping your savings is to make it automatic — have your contributions .

TORONTO (June 7, ) – Just in time for FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA™, it was announced today in advance of the #CTVUpfront that Canadians have a new way to get TSN and RDS with the introduction of TSN Direct and RDS Direct. Canadian sports fans now have a digital subscription option to access. 10 ways to get the most out of your performance appraisal Many professionals find performance reviews boring and unhelpful.

But they can help you reflect on your past and future career. Why coaching, not gadgets, is key to getting the most out of employees December 4, pm EST Coaching means many things, from simply listening to staff, to helping them set personal goals.

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