The letter by maugham

Plot summary[ edit ] Maugham uses a third-person-limited point of view in this story, where Kitty Garstin is the focal character. Garstin, a pretty upper-middle class debutante, squanders her early youth amusing herself by living a social high life, during which her domineering mother attempts to arrange a "brilliant match" for her. By age 25, Kitty has flirted with and declined marriage proposals from dozens of prospective husbands. In a panic that her much younger, and less attractive, sister, Doris, will upstage her by marrying first, Kitty consents to Walter's ardent marriage proposition with the words, "I suppose so".

The letter by maugham

Plot[ edit ] Bored and lonely living on her husband's rubber plantation, Leslie Crosbie takes a lover, Geoffrey Hammond. Eventually, however, he tires of her and takes a Chinese mistress, Li-Ti. When Leslie finds out, she insists on seeing him while her husband is away.

She tries to rekindle his love, but when he tells her that he prefers Li-Ti to her, she becomes enraged and shoots him repeatedly. At the murder trial, she perjures herself on the stand, claiming she had little to do with Hammond and that she shot him when he tried to rape her.

Everyone sympathizes, but then Li-Ti's emissary provides Joyce, Leslie's attorney, with a copy of the letter in which Leslie begged Hammond to come see her. On Joyce's advice, Leslie agrees. Li-Ti humiliates her, but eventually accepts the money. Leslie is found not guilty.

Joyce presents his bill to Leslie's husband, Robert. When Robert demands an explanation, Joyce gives him one, and the damning letter. After Joyce leaves, Robert confronts his wife and forces her to admit everything. As punishment, he decides to keep her on the plantation he has no more money anyway.

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The letter by maugham
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