The ethical problems of tourism: sex tourism essay

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The ethical problems of tourism: sex tourism essay

Table 2 Why is this an ethical problem? Why would you say that these Because they relate to your conduct and your professionalism as a general practitioner. What you see as being valuable and what you see as being important in life as much as in, as much as in your sort of professional management.

Dr Elwin Male, 32, married, locum general practitioner in urban areas Even though only two of the GPs gave definitions that generalised the elements of choice and conflict, there were also thirteen definitions that introduced the notions of choice and conflict in the context of a particular problem.

These GPs approached the question personally and answered it in terms of why it had been a problem for them. In eight cases they talked about choices related to whose beliefs, values or interests should take priority.

For example, Dr Elwin, in addition to offering a general definition of the nature of ethical problems, also explained why the problem he discussed was an ethical problem for him, by using the idea of a conflict between expectations: Dr Elwin Male, 32, married, locum general practitioner in urban areas For three other GPs, their interpretation of an ethical problem was expressed in terms of conflict between alternative possible actions.

These GPs thought their problems were ethical dilemmas because they involved choosing the best option from an array of possible solutions. Dr Kingsford explained the nature of ethical problems in this way: Why would you describe it as an ethical problem? What makes it an ethical problem for you?

A second group of explanations focused on the publicity that surrounded the issues the GPs had chosen to discuss. Four of the GPs took this approach to emphasise that ethical problems were ethical because they were publicly contentious.

The ethical problems of tourism: sex tourism essay

For example, Dr Masters explained: What makes abortion an ethical problem for you? I guess it was just, you know, sort of just under sort of, as an issue that comes up sort of in the media and that comes up across the board at times and I guess most of the doctors would have to at one stage or other come to a decision because it tends to be controversial and it does tend to get flack at times.

I think people, you know, most doctors have had to at some time or other in their career come to terms with what they consider to be right, you know, regarding abortion. Her response reflects a view of bioethics, presented particularly in the media, which emphasises life-and-death decision making and in extremis situations.

There are at least four characteristics of general practice which might suggest that ethical problems in general practice are, at least sometimes, different from those in other health care settings. First, longstanding relationships are much more common in general practice, and these relationships can be important to the resolution of moral problems.

Second, families may participate in events in their own right, both as patients themselves, and as concerned relatives with whom the general practitioner deals on a regular basis.

The ethical problems of tourism: sex tourism essay

In hospital settings, families are more likely to be classified primarily as surrogates of the patient. Finally, general practitioners often incorporate into their work strategies to prevent ill health in patients, they are not just concerned with the cure of illness or the amelioration of suffering.

This is not to suggest that the concerns of GPs such as Dr Masters are any less significant, only that they may have been primed to identify problems as ethical ones by their public profile.

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For these GPs, their problems were problems principally because either they were hurt by what was happening to them, or there was a significant chance that they might be hurt. Dr Johnson, who talked about whether to reveal his mistakes to his patients, offered the following explanation: Oh, just the fact, one, you made a mistake.

It does happen, you know, but not with something like that. The biggest problem for me was to fear for myself. There were very real risks. If anything had gone wrong that I could be in any way blamed for.

I made very serious risks, I knew it. I would get no support.The tourism crisis could result in further degradation of the environment, increasing the complexity of environmental problems. such as ocean acidification, climate change, pollution, and further.

Gender and Tourism. Listen. To see this page in other languages click Español Français. Did you know? • In most regions of the world, women make up the majority of the tourism workforce • Women tend to be concentrated in the .

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Ethical Issues in Tourism Industry Abstract. Jun 26,  · Introduction In this assignment I am going to compare some areas of molecular revolution with genomics revolution.

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