Taming anzalduas contact zone analysis

Amanda Martinez-Morrison Sonoma State University Drawing from ethnographic observation, this analysis explores the dynamic, oftentimes surprising ways race matters within hip-hop by focusing on U. At the same time, I argue that the experiences of U. Of particular interest here are Mexican Americans, who comprise nearly seventy percent of all Latinos in the Bay Area, in California, and the U.

Taming anzalduas contact zone analysis

Together with earthquakes and volcanoes, they represent one of the few natural geologic events with the speed and power to affect the course of man. In this section, we shall learn that groundwater plays an important role in the generation of landslides; in Section Landslides are of great interest to both geomorphologists and geotechnical engineers.

For a geotechnical engineer, a large landslide is simply the extreme event in the spectrum of slope stability hazards that he must consider in his engineering design.

More often he is concerned with the analysis of much smaller man-made slopes in such projects as highway cuts, earth dams, or open pit mines. The concepts and failure mechanisms that underlie slope stability analysis hold on both natural slopes and man-made slopes.

They are equally valid for large potentially catastrophic landslides and for simple embankment slipouts. The influence of groundwater conditions, which is the central focus of this section, is the same in all cases.

There are some significant differences between the analysis of soil slopes and the analysis of slopes in rock, and following a review of the basic limit equilibrium techniques, the role of groundwater is examined under separate headings for each of these two geotechnical environments.

This presentation attempts to distill the essence of a very large literature. A text by Zaruba and Mencl places its emphasis on the engineering geology aspects of large landslides, and one by Carson and Kirkby reviews the geomorphological implications.

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EckelCoatesand Schuster and Krizek in press provide a comprehensive review of slope-stability engineering, and a recent text by Hoek and Bray emphasizes rock slope engineering.

Standard soil mechanics texts such as Terzaghi and Peck treat the subject in some detail. Throughout the literature there is generous recognition of the importance of fluid pressures, but this recognition is not always coupled with an up-to-date understanding of the probable patterns of steady-state and transient subsurface flow in slopes.


We will begin with an examination of the mechanisms of subsurface movement on planar surfaces. Mohr-Coulomb Failure Theory Let us first consider the failure criteria on a well-defined plane of weakness at depth.

Chapter Groundwater and Geotechnical Problems | HWB In the case of the U.
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Hydrogeologists Without Borders March 1, at 2:
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Consider such a plane [Figure The shear stresses on planes parallel to the principal stresses are zero, and the conditions of force equilibrium in the horizontal and vertical directions yield: The shear strength is usually expressed in terms of the empirical Mohr-Coulomb failure law: The Mohr-Coulomb failure theory can also be used to describe the failure mechanism in a rock or soil that does not possess a preexisting plane of failure.

Consider, for example, a standard triaxial testing apparatus of the type widely used in soil and rock mechanics Figure As should be clear from Figure The foregoing paragraphs describe the failure mechanisms in dry soils and rocks.

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Our primary interest lies in materials that are saturated with groundwater. If the preexisting or incipient plane of failure is water-bearing, and if water exists there under a fluid pressure, p, the principle of effective stress must be invoked.

The failure law becomes In a drained test, water that is expelled from the sample under the influence of the increased Vertical pressures is allowed to drain to the atmosphere as in Figure Limit Equilibrium Methods of Slope Stability Analysis Consider the stress conditions in a homogeneous soil with no preexisting failure planes.

Near the surface in flat-lying terrain [Figure In the vicinity of a slope, on the other hand, the stress distribution becomes skewed, in the manner shown in Figure In soil mechanics these possible planes of failure are called slip circles or slip surfaces.

The limit-equilibrium approach to slope stability analysis involves the arbitrary selection of a set of several possible slip surfaces for a given slope. For each slip surface an equilibrium analysis is carried out using the Mohr-Coulomb failure criteria, and a factor of safety, FS, defined as the ratio of shearing strength on the slip surface to shearing stress on the slip surface, is calculated.Taming Anzaldua's Contact Zone Analysis Words 4 Pages “The Contact Zone”, is defined by Mary Louis Pratt as “the space in which transculturation takes place – where two different cultures meet and inform each other, often in highly asymmetrical ways.”.

The Taming of the Shrew. Charis Blatt, Economics and Accounting. DISCUSSION. It Isn’t Always Safe: Safe Houses and Contact Zones in John Sayles’ Lone Star. Jillian Heidenreich, Biochemistry. DISCUSSION.

Taming anzalduas contact zone analysis

Honors Colloquium Monday April 13 Page # 3. Two elements that Tan and Anzaldua used are the evidence and analysis approaches. I don’t think I’d be able to find ONE word that sums up what Anzaldúa is trying to say with “agringadas” I would have to come up with a sentence that wouldn’t get to the point quick enough or efficiently, the way that “agringadas” does.

contact zone, transculturation, mary pratt - Taming Anzaldua’s Contact Zone Analysis. Border Texts and Places: calls "contact zones." A contact zone, according to Pratt, is any place where different cultures come together with some "asymmetrical relations of power." Whether this contact is at the level of cultural groups (as in the colonial situation she discusses) or at the level of individuals (for example, in a dating.

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