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Purpose[ edit ] Depending on the country, the purpose, assembly, method, and implementation of the group might vary. Universally, the purpose of students' union or student government is to represent fellow students in some fashion. In some cases, students' unions are run by students, independent of the educational facility. The purpose of these organizations is to represent students both within the institution and externally, including on local and national issues.

Student union

The organization was formed during autocratic Panchayat era. The first major student movement was held in for the sake of Free Student Union and for the restoration of Democracy in Nepal.


The first president of Nepal student union was Bipin Koirala in In the yearSher Bahadur Deuba became the second president of the Nepal student union. The development process of student Rebel[ edit ] The history of the developing process of student rebel suggests us that students have been presenting their rebellious nature since In India, Mahatma Gandhi was agitating against the English government school.

Koirala in his very young age of 11 years was also involved in that rebel under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. In the age of 15, B. Koirala was arrested because he was fighting for the emancipation of Nepali people from Rana Rein. He was the President of Congress Socialist Party of boys section.

Students were the agents who exploded the revolution against the tyrannical system of Rana rein. So, he is called first martyr of the student rebel. Jayantu Sanskritam Rebel[ edit ] Jayantu Sanskritam Rebal was considered as the most significant and the first student rebel of Nepal.

The Students of the Sanskrit educations agitated against the policy of contemporary government. The role of the students was to create awareness among the people and to spread the political consciousness as the significant beginning of democracy.

So, Jayantu Sanskritam rebel was considered as the first beam of rebel or revolution. All the students were being prepared to rebel against the Rana Rein. Later the students who believed on leftist ideology had felt another student association as a result Nepal National Student Federation was born.

It became active against the Rana rein. The purpose of union or party was to aware the pessimist youths living in different parts of Nepal. The union got the unexpected support and belief from the energetic and politically conscious youths of the then period.

As a result, in many parts of country the branches of this organization began to be organized. It created a kind of optimism over the youths. The Rebel of Free Student Union[ edit ] On the Ist poush, military event binod jayswal had totally obstructed the all parties except the student unions.

The students leaders of Nepal Pupil Union Nepali Congress Supporters and Nepal Youth Party were arrested which badly affected the leaders and cadres of other student unions negatively as a result the students of other parties became passive.

Nepal National Student Federation and other leftist student union had been already involved in Panchyati System. Nepal Sanskrit Student Union also became passive and less meaningful.

Student union

In the initial period of panchayati system, the people could not raise their voice against the Panchyati Suppression and it had declared the total prohibition over the all student union. Inthe students were agitating the movement of King Mahendra.

The student leaders were Binod jayswal, Marshal Julum Shakya and so on. Nepal Pupil and Youth Organization[ edit ] The joint organization between Nepal pupil and youth union had a significant role as it was managed by the migrated Nepali Students in Darbhanga India.

The leaders of the Union were C.

Student union

Assembly of Intra High School[ edit ] In spite of the excessive obstruction of Panchyati government, the rebellious students had never left their ethics of revolution. The political parties in which ethics and belief, the students were concerned, were directly or indirectly opposing the Panchyati tyrants.

Although the great suppression of that system had badly affected the students movement but the students were never tired agitating them.Where Matadors Belong. The University Student Union (USU) at California State University, Northridge is a student centered non-profit organization that works to expand the college experience through various programs, services, employment, and involvement opportunities.

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Known as the "Heart of Campus," the Student Union sits at the center of the UCF's Orlando Campus. Here at the Union we provide space for students, and members of the UCF community to study, socialize, eat, host events, attend meetings, and engage in . A students' union, student government, free student union, student senate, students' association, guild of students, or government of student body is a student organization present in many colleges, universities, and high higher education, the students' union is often accorded its own building on the campus, dedicated to social, organizational activities, representation, and.

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