Smart homes

All Under Control Shoreline Smart Homes Shoreline Smart Homes features a full line of audio, video, automation and security solutions to provide you an extensive range of options for commercial, corporate and residential installations. Today, there is an unparalleled array of entertainment, media and automation capabilities. Problem is - accessing and controlling all the choices and equipment is often one big headache! We can help you manage all of this - so it's a joy to use - not a burden.

Smart homes

Upcoming Events Smart Homes Zigbee is the only global, standards-based wireless solution that can conveniently and affordably control the widest range of devices to improve comfort, security and convenience for consumers.

Smart homes

It is the technology of choice for world-leading service providers, installers and retailers who bring the benefits of the Internet of Things into the Smart Home. Zigbee is the language for a wide variety of smart home devices so companies can deliver an integrated ecosystem of home monitoring, energy management, heating and cooling, security and convenience devices.

These companies are using Zigbee in their set-top boxes, satellite transceivers and home gateways to deliver home monitoring and energy management solutions to their customers.

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Zigbee is also available in products from retailers around the world enabling the do-it-yourself-er to easily install and create their own smart home to improve their comfort and efficiency.

The Zigbee Alliance is the foundation and future of the IoT. Established inour wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work, and play.

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A smart home is really all about home automation – putting together the right smart devices, smart electronics, appliances and gadgets – and programming them to do what you want automatically. And, if you’ve been planning to get started on a project to make your home smarter, it's actually easier to do now than ever before.

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The smart home space fascinates me -- first, because it promises to transform the way we live. Second, because it .

Smart homes

Meet the makers of the Nest Learning Thermostat. Using our experience at Apple, Logitech & Sling, we’re connecting the home, starting with the thermostat. ecobee3 Smarter WiFi Thermostat. Amazon The Nest Learning Thermostat is the face of smart home technology for most, but depending on what your home is like, it's not blasphemous to say the ecobee3.

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