Reading difficulties and its relation to the academic performance of grade two pupils essay

When compared to other countries, the United States comes in 18th place in math literacy and 25th place in reading literacy.

Reading difficulties and its relation to the academic performance of grade two pupils essay

Elementary School Teacher School Year: This problem is not only happening to Valencia District but also to some part of the province of Negros Oriental. Learning to read should be developed among learners since it will give strong effect to their lives as pupils, or as individuals.

Aldous Huxley mentioned that every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting. Reading is the mother of all study skills. It is one of the most valuable skills a person can acquire.

Success in reading very often ensures success in other subjects.

Reading difficulties and its relation to the academic performance of grade two pupils essay

Reading ability is the threshold or the gateway to the acquisition and expansion of knowledge in all the school subjects. An inability to read will have a negative impact on the ability to achieve in all other school subjects, as well as on the ability to succeed in life beyond school.

Thus, if this perennial problem of having non-readers continues, the question then arises as to how the academic performance of these children is being affected by their reading difficulty?

Specifically this study sought to answer the following questions: What is the reading level of Grade VI pupils based on the result of: What is the academic performance progress of the Grade VI pupils based on the: These pupils were composed of 13 boys and 8 girls.

The results of the quarter exams and reading test were analyzed, interpreted and tallied to figure out the correlation of the existing problem. To see the relation of the data, the researcher computed the general average from the quarterly grades of 1st to 3rd quarter.

Then she rank the top ten pupils who got low general average and determined their reading level based on the Oral Reading Verification ORV Result.

This result implies that there was an evident relationship between reading ability and academic performance.

FINDINGS From the analysis of the data, the researcher found out that there is a significant impact of reading difficulties in relation to academic performance. It is clearly understood that if a learner is struggling in reading then it is likely to happen that he could also be struggling academically.

It has been proven from this research through the data presented that reading is really an important skill because it will greatly affect the performance of the learner in all subject areas. The negative impact of reading difficulties will result to the insufficient mastery of skills and underachievement of learners.

Thus, intensified and rigid monitoring of the reading progress is needed. They should also choose the strategies and good books most appropriate for achieving their own teaching objectives.Students Attitude Towards Science in Relation to Their Academic Performance Among Elementary Pupils Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction This situation prompted the researcher to conduct a study on students’ attitude towards science and health in relation to their academic performance in an identified school.

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SAINT PAUL UNIVERSITY DUMAGUETE Saint Paul University System Dumaguete City _____ Name: GINARIN O. TUTING School: Caidiocan Elem. School Position: Elementary School Teacher School Year: Research Title: The Impact of Reading Difficulties in Relation to Academic Performance of the Grade VI pupils of Caidiocan Elementary School I.

Study Habits and Academic Performance of Working Students In: English and Literature Study Habits and Academic Performance of Working Students CHAPTER I The Problem and Its Background Introduction Each one of us strives to realize our dreams, to make it come true and to live with it, believing that each day will be each step to success.


Reading is an essential tool for knowledge transfer and the habit of reading is an academic activity that increases skills in reading strategies.

To know about the world and its environment, a child helps.

Reading difficulties and its relation to the academic performance of grade two pupils essay

The Association Between School-Based Physical Activity, Including Physical Education, the relationship between academic performance and reading. literacy scores, or math luency scores). Eight of the. nine studies found positive associations between.


correlational studies on reading performance and the development of other academic skills. Additionally, some studies included examined the impact on reading from other outside influences, such as parental employment, genetic traits, and early childhood education programs.

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