Participants in construction projects

Print Send by e-mail 2. Participants in the construction process. Insurance The persons recognized by the law as participants in the construction process with their specific obligations are:

Participants in construction projects

The key participants are discussed below. Contractors Contractors perform the construction work in accordance with the plans and specifications provided by the owner and are required to be licensed by state law. General or Prime Contractors A general contractor's principal business is the performance of the construction work in accordance with the plans and specifications of the owner.

A general contractor takes full responsibility for the completion of the project. The Participants in construction projects contractor will normally subcontract out a substantial part of the work, while maintaining overall control through project managers and onsite supervision.

The general contractor may utilize specialty subcontractors, but can perform any portion of the work. Generally contractors are licensed.

Participants in construction projects

If the contractor is a corporation or partnership, an officer or partner, the contractor must be licensed. Construction Managers Project Managers Generally, the construction manager does not perform construction work on projects, but is an agent for the owner.

The construction manager may be engaged in lieu of or in addition to a general contractor. As an agent, the construction manager coordinates the construction project, but has no contractual relationship with the subcontractors.

Generally, construction managers only provide services. Construction managers do not perform any construction work.

Participants in the Construction Project

Construction managers are not liable for defects in the construction. However, the construction manager may be liable for design defects. Commercial Contractors Commercial contractors specialize in commercial construction projects. These projects may include the construction of a single building or any number of buildings.

Retail project like shopping centers, restaurants, and grocery stores; Rental facilities like office buildings, industrial parks, and apartments; Business locations like company headquarters, manufacturing plants, and insurance companies; Municipal buildings like city halls, prisons, schools, and hospitals; or Special projects like amusement parks, racetracks, coliseums, and churches.

A commercial contractor constructs nonresidential buildings, such as office buildings, warehouses, and shopping centers. Commercial Project Owners The owner of a construction project may be an individual, corporation, partnership, or government body.

The owner evaluates whether a project is feasible and will provide the future benefits desired. The owner then engages an architect or engineer to design the plans and specifications of the project. Normally, the owner secures the necessary financing for the project for both the construction period and permanent financing upon completion.

The owner will retain title to the project throughout the construction phase, subject to liens from construction loans and mechanics liens.

The general contractor may or may not have an ownership interest in the project. The contractor may own a percentage interest in one of the following ways: Owning stock in the corporation that owns the project; Being a partner in a development partnership; or Owning the property or an interest in a joint venture as an individual.A construction project is a task undertaken in the production of construction products.

The term project in this context is being used for the total activity from inception to commissioning and occupation, involving an agreed and planned objective and total input of specialist participants and their interrelationships.

Project Participants. The participants to construction project procurement are the client (who is the initiator), the multi-disciplinary construction consultants (who act as the client’s professional advisers) and the building contractor (who constructs the building).

The Role Of Building Construction Project Team Members In Building Projects Delivery 31 | Page Surveyor is the custodian of land information. The size, topography, location, features on and beneath the land upon which any development is built, is determined first by surveyors.

A variety of stakeholders are involved in any construction project. Major participants including design teams, clients, contractors and project managers are examples of stakeholders that have the ability to hinder or promote the progress of .

Major participants including design teams, clients, contractors and project managers are examples of stakeholders that have the ability to hinder or promote the progress of a construction undertaking.

Let’s start with introduction of main participants in construction project. Client is a private or public entity that decides to implement a project on his own cost. Client defines program, budget and construction planning of the project.

Client plays a main role in the design and the construction performance.

Participants in the Construction Project