Elken business plan malaysia today

As consumers lead busy time-pressed lifestyles, OTC ranges such as analgesics with fast-release action while protecting the stomach are becoming more popular. For example, Panadol Optizorb launched in targets consumers with effective, time-efficient pain relief while being gentle on the stomach. Ina high obesity rate continues to remain a significant social issue with a relatively high percentage of Malaysians being categorised as obese and overweight.

Elken business plan malaysia today

Where do we stand with our customers? The external environment impact on service and business Understanding the components of the external environment Internal features of your business The importance of reputation and branding Know your customer groups and exceeding customer expectations Activity: Developing actions based on the external and internal environments Module 2: Conducting Customer Satisfaction Survey Developing sharp survey questions Collecting and analysing data for specific purposes Impact on Customer Service Strategies Index Developing strategy based on survey data results Activity: Developing strategy through creating relationships between internal and external factors that influence service Module 4: Process mapping explained Hands-on activity: Customer Service goals and critical success factors in Customer Service Hands-on activity: Service goal setting and strategy action planning Module 6: He brings to you over 15 years of experience in call centre training, customer services, telesales and tele-debt trainings and consultancy.

He believes that front-liners deserve to be assured of their importance in the overall mix of the organizational structure. The experiences that he has injected into his call centre training and consultancy date back to when he began his career as a call centre agent in the United States.

Subsequently, he moved up the ranks of agent to team leader to internal trainer over a period of 6 years. Since then, he has been actively involved with developing agent and team leader skills within call centre teams in a multitude of industries including Media Prima, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, BPO companies, Pharmaceutical Sales Companies, Software Developers and more.

This experience as a customer service trainer and project coordinator has been instrumental in the development of his understanding of call centre agent and team leader psychology, what drives each position and how skills are developed in each area.

He is a GEM as a trainer.

elken business plan malaysia today

He is active, friendly and approachable. He makes his participants feel at ease and relax during his sessions.

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A powerful too, especially in Call Centre Agent skills development. His training sessions are filled with an air of positivity and motivation for the participants. Here is a list of call centre training and clients that he has done: ING Insurance — Employee benefit sales and service skills 9.

SP Setia — Outbound Telesales skills Etiqa Insurance Berhad — Brand Delivery training campaign Marsh Insurance — Call centre customer service skills Aeon Credit Services Sdn. Ekovest Berhad Highway Project — Call centre customer service The trainer was really fun and resourceful.

It improved my skills and knowledge in the related fields. The trainer did a good job. I felt great and posiive after I completed this course. This program taught me how to improve my skills in customer service and how to approach difficult people and how to respond to complaints professionally.

The trainer was great.This promotion is valid in Malaysia and Brunei from 15 December – 14 January only, while stocks last. AMWAY reserves the right to replace the premium with another item or model of equivalent value or to discontinue the promotion should the premium run out of stock.

Globalisation and the new economy bring imminent challenges to every organisation in today¡¦s business world.

To succeed and sustain the competitive advantage, organizations need to rely on their most powerful asset ¡V PEOPLE. This is my Whole Life Service Plan territory.

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The Networking (MLM) Industry $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Development of normal income = Work Activity = Income Life $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Income with Herbalife Pension (or . Oct 05,  · What I know about Elken . a Malaysia's company and established a company (Narisia Sdn Bhd) to manufacture its own Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology water treatment system in the year and using companent parts from western countries.

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