Debunking the gender pay gap in america

It provides a community, resources, and opportunities for people in the gaming industry. It also works to assess the numbers of the women in the games industry and tracks the changes of these numbers over time.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Unfortunately, with so much misinformation circulating around this hot-button topic, closing the gender wage gap is an increasingly complicated task.

Not that many women are affected by unequal pay. According to the U. Census, women still earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Women make less because they often choose lower-paying careers.

Debunking the gender pay gap in america

The American Association of University Women researched the income of graduates just one year out of college and found that men had greater starting salaries than women across the board -- even when the comparisons were drawn from graduates who had the same majors and work in the same jobs in the same sectors.

Women make less because they are dually focused on work and family. Lots of women take time off to be with their kids and this accounts for the pay gap. This means that gender-based income inequality is not a circumstantial issue; it is an institutionalized problem.

Married couples tend to prioritize the career of the spouse with the greater income. Pay inequity actually stifles the economy. It increases the rate of poverty and magnifies the number of families who are forced to seek government assistance.The deliberate underfunding is the Nats way of making all these services crash so they can break the strong unions and put in a system similar to the charter schools and .

Debunking the gender pay gap in america

May 26,  · You can feel the buzz in the air. Women are on the rise, financially speaking.

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Apr 12,  · It is no wonder college women buy into this 78 cent pay gap myth. But the White House and others who promote the myth are manipulating statistics in a .

Debunking the Gender Pay Gap Myth—It’s Just a Tool for ’s Identity Politics Even the famously left-leaning New York Times has begun quietly revealing the truth about the supposed gender pay gap in America: it’s caused by motherhood. S1 E2 The Son of God Unpacking the unique Kim father-son relationship further, “Son of God” tracks the decline of Kim Il Sung and the rise of his son, Kim Jong Il.

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