Boeing moonshine shop essay

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Boeing moonshine shop essay

Tweet The Boeing Employees' Winemakers Club BEWC originally took flight as a hobbyist organization in when a small group of Seattle-based aeronautics coworkers, who were also amateur wine enthusiasts, banded together to learn Boeing moonshine shop essay techniques and share equipment in the noble quest to produce fine homemade wine.

The Boeing Company -- a firm that has long supported employees' various off-hours recreational activities -- provided meeting and gear-storage space for the group's members. In the s the club expanded into the Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Makers Club BEWBCwhich today continues offering its membership regular meetings, classes, seminars, access to gear, winemaking supplies, a growing library of enological publications, and the annual Boeing Winefest.

Judging by the several dozen wineries birthed over the years by various alumni, the club is a soaring success -- once noted by The Wall Street Journal as perhaps "The World's Best Wine Club.

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Specific examples over the decades include a Boeing employees' flying school, square-dancing groups, bowling teams, and coin-collecting, hunting, fishing, fencing, scuba-diving, rafting, music, gemology, and wine-tasting clubs. Even the mega-successful Boeing Employees Credit Union BECU -- which originated in the mids -- got off to a stable start in part because its founders were allowed to solicit new members in the company's cafeteria during lunchtime.

The nascent cooperative was also provided office space and the services of a Boeing accountant to help establish its footing. Boeing's corporate culture recognized early on that a contented workforce -- one that interacted through various social activities -- was an engaged workforce.

As The New York Times once astutely noted: Companies are again finding that adding a bit of social context to work is crucial to keeping employees happy and productive. That is where employee clubs come in. Workplace specialists say clubs are a way to build camaraderie and help people get to know fellow employees away from work.

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Clubs help create loyal employees, reduce turnover and improve morale while costing very little" "The Workplace as Clubhouse". Boeing Employees' Winemakers Club Founded in -- the same year that Boeing structural engineer Richard Schnelz blazed the trail by buying the Shelton-based Werberger Winery -- the Boeing Employees' Winemakers Club emerged at a time when Washington's wine industry was at a serious low point.

A few decades back there had been scores of wineries all across the state, but by the early s there were only a couple of active winery operations left in Seattle -- one of them being Associated Vintners, which had been founded by a partnership that included Boeing engineer Allan Taylor.

It was sold to new investors in and recast as Ste.

Boeing moonshine shop essay

Michelle Vintners the company that would, as Chateau Ste. Michelle winery, lead a local wine renaissance over the next few decades. The timing of the wine club's formation was excellent, and Boeing management was supportive, eventually providing meeting and equipment-storage space at the recreational center in the south cafeteria of the company's Developmental Center complex, adjacent to Boeing Field at E Marginal Way S.

Boeing also allowed dues-paying BEWC members to take time off as needed during production seasons and supplied printing facilities for publication of the club's monthly newsletter, The Press. On August 19,Boeing's own newsletter, Boeing News, announced: The starter kit will show types of required equipment and approximate costs.Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

Warren has been at Boeing 25 years and works in Everett at the “moonshine” shop, a team of highly skilled machinists that develops production equipment and processes to solve problems or.

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