Bleed into me essay

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Bleed into me essay

Hemophilia Hemophilia is an inheritable bleeding disorder that almost always affects males and is caused by either non-existent or low levels of clotting proteins called factors. There are 13 different kinds of these factors, called coagulation factor and when they are combined with platelets and fibrin, they create a clot, which stops bleeding.

If even one of these factors are missing or present but at low levels, this can cause blood clotting problems and a proper clot will not be able to form.

This genetic disorder is a result of the change or inheritance of genes from the mother or father in the womb. Hemophilia affects the entire X chromosome and is inherited in an X-linked recessive pattern. The first step in the clotting process is for platelets to go to the wound and plug up the hole.

Platelets are sticky blood cells that circulate throughout the bloodstream. When these cells plug up a cut, they release chemicals that attract more platelets to the site to stop the bleeding. These chemicals are known as clotting factors. They can bleed randomly and not even know it.

This is why the symptom of hemophilia is severe bruising. They also bleed internally. Some signs of internal bleeding are blood in the urine from bleeding in the kidneys or bladderBlood in the stool from bleeding in the stomach or intestinesand large bruises from bleeding into the large muscles of the body.

Bleeding in the joints is a common symptom that hemophiliacs have. For hemophiliacs Bleeding in the joints knee, elbow, etc.

At first, the bleeding causes tightness in the joints but now real pain is felt. As the bleeding continues however, the joint starts to swell making it hot to the touch and painful to bend. As the swelling continues, movement in the joint can temporarily stop and the pain can increase.

If not treated, this can quickly cause damage to the joint. One final type of bleeding that some hemophiliacs go through is bleeding in the brain which is another form of internal bleeding.

This kind of bleeding can occur after a single bump on the head or something more serious injury. These are only some of the kinds of bleeding involved in hemophilia.

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that mainly affects mostly boys and females are less likely to be affected. Approximately 1 in 5, people have hemophilia. The rarest type of Hemophilia is Hemophilia C and is a deficiency of factor XI in which 1 in everymales are born with it world wide.

Genetics Home Reference People with hemophilia have a problem controlling their clotting factors. This leads to excessive bleeding even for the smallest cut. It is quite an inconvenience for a person with this disorder to get a cut.

While a person without this disorder would just get a scab and the cut would be healed, a hemophiliac would just keep bleeding. Because of this, people with hemophilia need to be extremely careful about what activities they participate in.

Kids Health A common treatment for hemophilia is to go to a comprehensive hemophilia treatment center HTC. These treatment centers are staffed with many hematologists, doctors, and nurses to help care for people with this bleeding disorder. The best way to treat hemophilia is to get the body to clot properly by replacing the missing blood clotting factor.

This is done by injecting prepared clotting factor concentrates intravenously. There are two main ways that this is done. The first way is via plasma-derived factor concentrates. Plasma is a straw-colored liquid and contains many proteins such as antibodies, albumin, and clotting factors.

These clotting proteins are extracted from the plasma, purified, and then freeze-dried. The product is then checked for any viruses and sterilized before being packaged for use.

The second way is via recombinant factor concentrates. The plasma method was standard up until until the FDA approved recombinant factor VIII 8 concentrate, which does not come from plasma. It is genetically engineered using DNA technology. The factors are regularly screened for viruses and sterilized.

Recombinant factors VIII and XI 9 are also available that do not contain any plasma or albumin so they can be used without the risk of infection via blood borne viruses.

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Bleed into me essay

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