An analysis of becoming a counseling psychologist in the future

Clinical psychology Although clinical and counseling psychologists and psychiatrists share the same fundamental aim—the alleviation of mental distress—their training, outlook, and methodologies are often different. Perhaps the most significant difference is that psychiatrists are licensed physiciansand, as such, psychiatrists are apt to use the medical model to assess mental health problems and to also employ psychotropic medications as a method of addressing mental health problems. Such tests help to inform diagnostic decisions and treatment planning. For example, in a medical center, a patient with a complicated clinical presentation who is being seen by a psychiatrist might be referred to a clinical psychologist for psychological testing to help the psychiatrist determine the diagnosis and treatment.

An analysis of becoming a counseling psychologist in the future

Careers in this field exist in a multitude of settings, including hospitals, universities, career counseling centers and private clinics. An Argosy University graduate in this field may go on to work in one of numerous positions as an administrator, licensed counselor, university professor, researcher or consultant.

Solid Industry Growth The job outlook in counseling psychology is expected to be faster than average. Population growth will increase the number of students in schools and universities, generating greater opportunities for school and career counselors.

According to the B ureau of Labor Statisticsschool and career counselors can expect 19 percent in employment growth from to Additionally, times are changing and drug offenders are increasingly being sent to treatment programs rather than jail, increasing the need for counselors.

Substance abuse and behavioral counselors can expect better than average job growth — with projections of 27 percent growth between and Therapy via Technology Technological advances are giving counselors new tools for reaching clients: A counselor and client can communicate via e-mail or video chat.

Online discussion forums and chat rooms allow counselors to reach large groups of people. Counselors publish helpful articles online for the masses to access at all hours. Search engines assist clients to identify and contact the right practitioners. Advances in technology have also made it convenient for aspiring counseling psychologists to obtain and advance their degrees in an accredited online program like Argosy University's Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology program.

Also, with the availability of online professional journals and other online publications, counseling students and professionals have access to the latest research in the field. Online professional networks also make it easy for counselors to confer with their colleagues and advance their professional development opportunities.

An analysis of becoming a counseling psychologist in the future

Diversity and Sensitivity Increased sensitivity to people of all backgrounds is another significant trend in this field. Diversity of culture, religious or spiritual orientation, gender identity, and physical disabilities are some of the issues that require knowledge and in-depth understanding.

Students of counseling psychology programs receive important training on how to work with and demonstrate sensitivity towards clients from diverse backgrounds. The services of counselors are vital and in high demand.

With increased job opportunities, technological tools and diversity training, students who enroll in an online program in this field can expect a fulfilling career in the years ahead.It will become more integrative with other parts of psychology, incorporating input from clinical, counseling, social psychology, and with other disciplines.

We will do more work as integrated teams of professionals such as pairing with MBAs, and so forth.

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Counseling Psychologist Career. Job Description: Assess and evaluate individuals' problems through the use of case history, interview, and observation and provide individual or group counseling services to assist individuals in achieving more effective personal, . Employment of clinical, counseling, and school psychologists is projected to grow 14 percent from to , faster than the average for all occupations.

An analysis of becoming a counseling psychologist in the future

Greater demand for psychological services in schools, hospitals, mental health centers, and social service agencies should drive employment experience in related occupation: None. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) A cognitive–behavioral model of is an empirically based psychological intervention.

It uses a combination of mindfulness and commitment based counseling techniques coupled with behavior changes.

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This article examines roles that gender, culture and spirituality play in elements of therapeutic process. It presents an initial literature review on gender, culture and spirituality as these factors relate to shaping identities and defining one's behavior. Discussions on how these three dimensions influence the level of understanding and effective responsiveness that competent, counseling.

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